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TDL engineers have developed highly reliable military products for airborne applications such as

      C-130H Advanced lighting control system

      High efficiency switch mode power supplies etc.

And remote monitoring products for commercial applications such as:

Security Systems

Vending Machines Monitoring

Industrial Automation

Utility Meter Reading

Pump Stations

SCADA systems

Unmanned Remote Sites Surveillance etc.

TeleController: Pump Controller with Telemetry
TDL has designed this unique solid state controller with built in communication capability. It is used for controlling and remotely monitoring Pump Stations, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Low Pressure Sewer Systems etc.
Pump Controller with built-in Telemetry for Remote Monitoring


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Automatic Samplers with Remote Monitoring

TDL was one of the pioneers in introducing Stormwater Samplers with Wireless Communication Capability. These samplers are used for monitoring stormwater and can be modified for sampling wastewater or industrial effluent based on timer, flow or water level.

TeleDevices offers Automatic Stormwater Sampler with Wireless Communication capability for Remote Monitoring and Notification.

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TeleDevices, LLC (TDL) is an AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of advanced Engineering, Management and Technical Support Services to key federal government agencies, with an emphasis on serving the Department of Defense. We also manufacture innovative communication based products used for a variety of alarm notification and remote monitoring applications.


Our team's excellence in Engineering and Management is augmented by our total commitment to customer satisfaction.