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Automatic Samplers for Stormwater and Wastewater Applications

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TeleSampler   TS-5000

TDL has designed TeleSampler, an Automatic Stormwater Sampler with built-in remote communication. This product has taken the hassle out of NPDES stormwater monitoring! TeleSampler with all its extraordinary features, including built-in wireless communication, is now available at an affordable price. TeleSampler not only monitors the rainfall, grabs samples but also reports the data directly to your office!

TeleSampler can be easily programmed on the site using a hand held terminal or a laptop. You can set the rainfall level at which the sample is taken. Using a laptop, you can also program in the TeleSampler the telephone number of your office where the data should be reported. In the test mode, you can test the pump, battery voltage, level sensor and communication capability of your TeleSampler. TeleDevices offers Automatic Stormwater Sampler with Wireless Communication capability for Remote Monitoring and Notification.


Exceptional features:

*     Reports rainfall reading directly to your office

*     No manual record keeping or paperwork

*     Paperless, hassle-free operation

*     Self emptying rain gauge

*     Very long battery life

*     Teflon coated water sensor for reliability

*     Displays one month rainfall data

*     Free NPDES software for database and communication

*     Stromwater data stored with date and time stamps

*     Reports are printed automatically according to EPD requirements


TeleSampler Specifications
Communication Cellular Wireless 2400 baud
Rain Gauge Self-emptying, tipping bucket rain gauge with 5% accuracy
Rainfall Data Logging Accumulated rainfall data within 24 hrs. is stored with date/time stamp
Memory Full one month stormwater information storage
Automatic Sampling Rainfall amount to trigger sampling is programmable using a laptop
Sampling Pump Peristaltic pump with a flow rate of 1000 ml/min at 4 ft head
Maximum suction lift 22 feet
Water level sensor Teflon coated, capacitive water sensor
Batteries 12AH rechargeable
Cable and Hose length 25 feet
Sample bottle PVC, 2.5 gallon with overflow protection
Enclosure Size 22.6" x 20" x8.9"

NPDES Software

Platform Windows
Communication Up to 4 modem channels
Database Access
Parameters stored Rainfall and turbidity records with date and time
Reports Custom reports as per Government agency requirements


Automatic Stormwater Sampler   TS-2000

This is a rugged and reliable sampler which has all the features of TS-5000 model except wireless communication.Automatic Stormwater Sampler with tipping bucket rain gauge and data logger Size of this sampler is 16" x 12" x 7", much smaller compared to the TeleSampler.


These affordable and reliable samplers can be modified for taking waste water samples based on the level, flow or time intervals.