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 TDL     Repairs, Maintenance and Calibration

TDL offers a professional, comprehensive program focused on larger repair quantities and unique custom subassembly requirements. We undertake component level repair of subassemblies for a wide range of electronic systems. We specialize in repair depot programs and can assist with overload problems.  We specialize in Out of Warranty, End of Life, Legacy and obsolete products. All of our work is done by certified electronics technicians.  We have a strict quality assurance program to ensure outstanding performance.

*  TDL offers full service repair, testing, refurbishment, modification, engineering and design facility.

*  Highly trained technicians.

*  Custom designed test beds and procedures

*  Reverse engineering and repair of products that have little or no data

*  Maintenance Plan Development

*  Preventive Maintenance program


TDL is a reliable source for all your calibration requirements.

*     Calibration of virtually all R-L-C, RTD standards

*   Calibration of Voltage and Current Sources

*   Calibration of Audio and sound test equipment

*   Compliant with the calibration requirements for ISO 9001 and MIL-STD-45662A

*   Our calibration department specialize in calibrating: Oscilloscopes, Data Acquisition Systems, Temperature controllers, Torque devices, Force/Pressure/Dimensional Measuring Devices etc.

*     NIST Traceable Calibration